Tale of the Sale – 47 Northcott Road, Cromer

17 July 2020
  • Buyers Inspected: 13
  • Days on Market: 15
  • Contracts issued: 3

The owners of this property were adamant they wanted a stress-free campaign to sell their home before moving onto their next property, and Matt Nicastri knew he could help these lovely vendors while maintaining a low key campaign with out any stress. Having kept up to date with what had sold in the area and knowing that Matt was the agent they wanted to use when the time was right, the vendors of 47 Northcott Road, Cromer decided to give Matt a call mid-May 2020 to discuss the market and what his opinion on price would be. By working with these owners, Matt devised a tailored strategy for this home and by the end of May, the property was ready to be launched as an ‘off-market’ opportunity to the Cunninghams database.

This situation, where the vendors were not wanting to immediately launch to full market, starting with an off-market campaign was an important part of this particular strategy. While this may not be the right approach for every property, this particular home was located in an area that Matt knew we had qualified, active buyers on our database. Matt had confidence in this approach due to the high level of market activity we have in the area, and across the Northern Beaches. At Cunninghams we sell more property than any other agency on the Northern Beaches, therefore we simply engage with and qualify more buyers than anyone else.

During the first few days of the campaign, Matt was able to leverage our extensive database and drill down to find qualified buyers who would see the opportunity this property presents. Through this process, Matt was able to contact a number of buyers who had recently missed out on a property in the area and managed to generate 13 qualified buyers who inspected over the course of two weekend open homes. Following this, three parties were very interested and began submitting offers, making for a competitive environment at the negotiation table.

In the end, the property was sold for a great price and as our vendor said “we were very happy with the price Matt achieved in such a short timeframe”. He also added that he and his wife were happy with the overall service they received from Matt and the broader Cunninghams team, including a good level of communication to keep them up to date on what was happening with the sale. Knowing that a seamless, stress free sale was important to these vendors, Matt was able to gauge when and how he updated his vendors without causing any undue stress, in between offers and counter offers.

The buyers of this property were extremely excited to be moving to the area and we look forward to helping more people find joy on their property journey in 2020!

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