Cunninghams now offering our clients the ability to sign and execute documents electronically

23 July 2020

We are pleased to announce our wonderful new partnership with Real Time Agent!


We are always looking for ways to be innovative in our systems and processes, and adopting new technologies is a big part of that. This focus on technology helps us to be more efficient and effective for our clients, and Real Time Agent ultimately improves the client experience for both our vendors and purchasers, as well as solicitors and conveyancers.  Adopting this innovative platform allows a secure, streamlined process for all parties to electronically sign and execute Contracts for Sale as well as Agency Agreements – offering a broad range of advantages including reduced delays in admin time, increased certainty when it comes to the accuracy and legality of executed documents, as well as the convenience of real time notifications via email.

Currently, around 15% (approx. 60,0000 annually) of all transactions in Australia are completed through the Real Time Agent platform.  For more information, please watch the video below between John Cunningham and Real Time Agent CEO Angus Ferguson, or read further for more information.

How does the platform work? Can you just sign on your phone or tablet? Or do you need a special device or App?

Electronic documents sent through the Real Time Agent platform can be opened and signed on any internet-enabled device (any smartphone, tablet or computer) and are protected by the highest level of end to end encryption and data security. Recipients (such as buyers and sellers) are sent an encrypted link to their unique email address, and are required to accept the associated terms and conditions of electronic signing (read the T&Cs here). Users are then guided through an easy-to-use process, where they are prompted to mark all required spots in the document with their electronic signature – either by physically writing with their finger / mouse or by typing their name. Once all relevant fields have been signed, they simply click the “save signatures” button to complete the signing. The agent then receives a notification advising that the document can now be executed. Once fully executed, all parties (including solicitors / conveyancers) automatically receive a copy of the executed document and information on next steps.

We look forward to utilising this exciting new technology with you in the course of your property journey. If you have any further questions regarding the Real Time Agent platform please get in contact on 9949 7077.