Our transparent approach to collecting and sharing property data

24 July 2020

Here at Cunninghams we are always looking for ways to be more transparent in our approach to communicating with our clients as well as the broader community. Capturing market data and being able to convey that data in a way that is both relevant and practical for our clients will help them to make informed decisions on their property journeys and ultimately add value to the overall client experience provided by our team. The insights we provide also tie in with over 40 year of experience across a range of differing markets including strong and confident markets to slower markets including the 90’s credit crunch, a GFC and now a pandemic. It is this experience, through the tough times and the bountiful times that help us balance the data we see and use it practically for our clients to help them make the best decision for their situation.

Providing this transparent and credible data is the ultimate tool for our clients to assist them well beyond the time where we have helped them buy or sell property. We believe in acting with integrity and we also understand that everything we do has an impact, which is why we aim for a such a transparent approach. The sources of information we use are able to be fact-checked and cross examined to ensure the highest standard of data. These sources include Pricefinder, Corelogic RPData, Real Insights, as well as REA Group and Domain, which provide a breadth of data that helps us see a full picture of the market – past, present and future.

You can be assured that the data we present to our clients are not just a cleverly designed set of stats that are geared towards a positive light to make us look better – we don’t believe that is necessary or what you need. We simply relay information that has been sourced from a range of credible sources and help our clients to understand how these facts can be useful in the decision making process.

For more information on our data collection policy or to discuss your property and it’s position in today’s market please contact one of our agents on 9949 7077.