The tale of three intertwining sales

13 May 2020

This week we’ve had a wonderful story come through our sales team, a true testament to the collaborative work our team do to help their clients with their property decisions and ultimately find joy in the home they come to call their own.

When our Vendors of a Balgowlah apartment received a good offer to purchase their home, one that was within their expectations, they became nervous that they mightn’t be able to find anything suitable to buy in the near future. In order to help these clients feel comfortable in accepting this offer, the Agent organised to show these Vendors through a gorgeous family home in North Balgowlah that was listed with another one of our Cunninghams agents on the following Sunday. Consequently, they loved it and agreed to accept the offer on their apartment and purchase the home in North Balgowlah with simultaneous exchange and settlements.

Further to this, the Vendor of the North Balgowlah home who has been a Cunninghams client since arriving in Australia in 1996, was then also looking to purchase somewhere nearby, with particular interest in Allambie. Having just missed out on one recently, the Agent then put the feelers out to the rest of our sales team and was able to find a property a few doors down from the one she missed out on. These owners in Allambie were longstanding clients of one of our other Agents and had been trying to decide for 3 years whether or not to sell. Knowing that this Allambie home would be suitable for our North Balgowlah Vendor, the agent organised a private viewing as soon as possible. Sure enough, this home sparked joy for our Vendor-turned-Buyer and she has now found her new home.

There are so many things to love about this story, including three buyers who have now found their ideal properties and the collaboration between our sales agents to get things to all line up for each client, but mainly the fact that these Vendors had such good, trusting relationships with their Agents that allowed them to follow the guidance they were given which led to a great outcome for all.

Well done to all involved!