Tale of the Sale | 38 King Street, Manly Vale

23 March 2021

When Sam and Shane bought this property 2 years ago in Manly Vale, almost exactly to the date, they knew they would be able to make it something special. The unassuming, yet charismatic weatherboard cottage is nestled on an enormous north-facing block of 853sqm in Manly Vale, and had plenty of scope to make the home their own. During the two years they owned it, they did some cosmetic DIY updates, landscaping and added an outdoor entertaining deck area to make the home a place that the couple loved to live and entertain.

Over this time, our Vendors also kept themselves educated on the market, knowing that one day they would flip this house and hopefully make their next property move. Having sold for them a few years ago, Florence Labadens from Cunninghams kept our owners up to speed on what was happening in the Manly Vale market. Also knowing that our owners had bought this property in a softer market, they knew the equity in the home had substantially grown and as the market started to pick up in late 2020/early 2021 it was looking like a good time for our owners to make their next move.

Sam and Shane took the plunge and under the guidance of Florence Labadens, Kelly Santos and Julia Doyle from Cunninghams, they began an On the Quiet campaign as a precursor to a full Auction campaign. The first week, using only the Cunninghams database there were 30 groups through the property with a number of buyers showing interest and wanting to act quickly and make offers. From this point the team decided to run a short, 2 week Auction campaign which drew another 77 groups through over that period.

On Auction day there were 14 registered bidders, and 5 parties who actually bid. Opening at a strong $2,440,000 bid, the Auction continued in steady increments, eventually leaving two parties bidding against each other from the $2,800,000 mark. In a final surge, a new bidder came in at the end which took things up and all the way to the final sale price, where the hammer came down at $2,950,000.

This sale price is an extraordinary result for our owners, and we couldn’t be more happy for them. Sam has thanked the team for keeping in contact and for giving the support and encouragement needed to take the big step of selling their home, as well as helping them understand that market conditions were at a prime to achieve a great result.

“The ladies took all the stress and burden out of the Auction process, especially on Auction day which is normally an extremely stressful day” Sam said. “When we purchased the home we knew it had potential, but I don’t think anyone anticipated this sort of result.”

“This amazing result has changed our lives.”

We also send our congratulations to the purchasers of this beautiful home, they are first home buyers from Epping and can’t wait to move in and make even more happy memories in this much loved home.

38 King Street Manly Vale