Guest Editor | Amazema Interiors – Simple storage solutions for around your home

11 March 2021

Amazema’s Top 4 Simple storage solutions for around your home.


In our eyes you can never have enough storage in your home! Built in joinery is most definitely our favorite solution but what do you do when this isn’t an option?

Here are our top for simple storage solutions that are budget friendly and will help make your life more ordered and organised:

Baskets, Baskets & More Baskets!
A basket can provide storage solutions for every part of your home, be it a small set by the front door to catch keys, sunglasses and phone, organising shoes by the back door or large ones to house the Toy overflow in the living room. Baskets have the magic ability to make messy things look neat and tidy!

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Wall Hooks
These storage helpers can provide useful storage solutions out of your vertical spaces in your home, utilizing a bare wall, behind a door or even outside by the front door. Having things that are used often like shopping bags, school bags, keys etc on hooks can make your daily life flow with more ease too! Our favorite wall hooks below are not only practical storage for bags, scarfs and hats but a feature in your home in their own right.

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Sneaky Storage
If you are really tight on space then its great to have pieces in your homes that have some hidden storage built in. Ottomans/Coffee tables that have lids, sofas and beds that lift to reveal storage under them and Benches with storage inside can all provide a home for things that need to be on hand but might not fit in your built in storage space. And with more and more stylish options on the market it’s now possible to have a home that is organised and beautiful.

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Trays allow you to organise items into purposeful places around your home. When Items are grouped on a tray they feel more intentional and styled. This is a great way to make items that can look messy on your benches in your kitchen, laundry and bathroom feel pulled together and ordered. Grouping items that you use together often helps speed up daily tasks too!

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If you wish to find more simple storage solutions please take a look at our edit of beautiful things for your home online at or at our showroom at 142 Old Pittwater Rd, Brookvale.

Happy organising!