Tale of the Sale | 21 Evergreen Drive, Cromer

26 November 2020

Here at Cunninghams we believe that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing well. In our industry, results matter. We work hard to maintain our unrivalled track record, and we believe that business relationships with our clients are what allows these exemplary results to continue.

A perfect example of these relationships is the sale at 21 Evergreen Drive, Cromer – one of the top 3 sales in Cromer. Our lovely vendors had complete trust and faith in agent Matt Nicastri, allowing Matt to guide them on the (rather quick) journey to an exceptional sales result. Matt marketed the property using a multi-channel and multi staged approach, beginning with our unique ‘On The Quiet’ campaign.

During the campaign, Matt reached out to a number of highly engaged and interested buyers from recent encounters, as well as researching our strong database to find the perfect buyer for this beautiful home.

The key strategy for this listing involved testing the market with the ‘On The Quiet’ campaign pre-Christmas, before launching a full market campaign across all real estate marketing portals in January if there was no immediate sale. However, as is case for many of our ‘On The Quiet’ campaigns, this property was destined to be snapped up fast!

Matt showed 8 groups through the home over two weeks, and received his first offer from a buyer who was an underbidder of a similar sold property in the area. At first, this buyer was not keen to inspect the property after seeing another home in the estate. However, 21 Evergreen Drive was far superior, tastefully updated, styled, and had a pool… So he came to have a look and quickly decided that this home was the right fit for him and his wife, before subsequently making an offer.

In the meantime another buyer came out of the woodwork who originally saw the home in the first week of the campaign but had made no contact since. He wanted to view the property again the following morning, and, without hesitation, made an offer over the top of the accepted offer – creating a very strong bidding war.

The competitive bidding and negotiations continued all afternoon in $30,000 – $50,000 increments until the original buyer won the bidding and purchased the home at the final sale price of $2,705,000!

Our vendors were so surprised and grateful at the final result, following two recent sales in the same estate for prices in the low $2m’s. Needless to say they can’t speak highly enough of Matt and the smooth, seamless process of selling with his team and Cunninghams.

If you’re interested to find out what your home would be worth in the current market, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.