Ideas on how to spoil Mum this Mother’s Day

05 May 2020

With Mother’s Day this Sunday we thought we would put together a few ideas to help your Mum, or the Mother figure in your life feel special. We know that Mums come in all shapes and sizes, including Dads that are Mums, Grandparents that are Mums and even adopted Mums, so whoever the motherly figure in your life is, let’s make them feel special.

Also, we should note that while many kids aren’t attending school or daycare at the moment, the homemade gifts may be non-existent this year. We have you covered, click here to find some cute printable cards we’ve created for the kids to colour in and give to Mum on Sunday.

Here are some other ways you can make Mum feel really special for her day on Sunday:

Breakfast in Bed – whether it is a piece of toast and a cup of tea or a full continental breakfast, Mum will love the effort you have gone to! Just a change up of routine for a Mum at breakfast time will be a welcome gesture. And why not throw in a handmade card for extra brownie points!

Lunch or Dinner fit for a Queen – why not get to the supermarket and get something cooking in the slow cooker for lunch or dinner? Slow cooker recipes are perfect for the cooler weather and take all the hard work out of cooking, by chopping a few things and throwing it all in to slow cook while you get on with your day. Here are a few yummy recipes on the Woolworths website.

At Home Day Spa – run your Mum a bath, light a candle or just give her a shoulder massage! If your Mum has been at home with you and homeschooling and even working her own job at the same time, chances are she needs it. There hasn’t been much relaxation time for Mums lately so even if it is just 30 minutes where she can relax in peace and quiet, make it happen!

Back to Basics – Why not just pick up the phone or visit to tell your Mum that you love her and she is appreciated. A handmade card or a spoken word is sometimes the most valuable and memorable thing a Mum needs to feel special.

Lastly, if none of this is for you – we suggest wine!

Happy Mother’s Day to all those out there who are a motherly figure in any shape or form, we hope you have a great day.