Are you a property owner looking for a tenant?

01 May 2020

We are putting the call out to property owners who would usually let their properties on holiday sites, and have been impacted by travel restrictions. We are here to help!

In this period of uncertainty and as we head into Winter, we are urging landlords who usually rely on holiday renters to get in touch and let us assist in finding a longer term tenant for your property. As part of our service we can discuss and negotiate lease terms and rental amounts, and we are very experienced in dealing with these types of conversations on behalf of our clients.

Getting the right tenant for your property ensures a smooth running tenancy. As a result, we conduct comprehensive reference checks on all prospective tenants submitting an application for your property. This check includes verification of current and previous rental history, employment, confirmation of income and character reference checks. We also conduct formal reference and credit checks with a national tenancy database to confirm there are no previous defaults listed against the applicant as well as citing 100 points of identification.

Once we have made a short selection, we then consult with you for further instructions before proceeding with applications. While the final decision in determining your tenant will be yours, we will be able to provide you with our recommendations based on the information we have obtained.

In line with current regulations we have a strict policy on private inspections and high level hygiene practices so you can also rest assured that we take these matters very seriously and will do our best to ensure the safety of all parties.

As we now know, travel restrictions realistically may not be lifted until later in the year so we would love to help and play matchmaker for tenants and landlords alike.

Please get in touch on 9949 7077 to find out more.