The cheat sheet to getting your property “sale sexy” – Macey Nicholls

30 July 2020

So you’ve decided to sell your property, and naturally you want it to really stand out among the carousel of competitors on and Domain. What would be even better than standing out from the crowd? To have several buyers competing, and scraping every dollar together to pay the most for your asset because they’ve formed an emotional connection with your property and fallen in love with it!

Updating your property for sale seems like a hard and daunting task for those who may not have done it for a while, if at all. But never fear! I have put together the ultimate cheat sheet to getting your property “sale sexy” in today’s market – and after upgrading over 250 properties for owners in the past few years, I know what works.

Paint, paint & more paint

You’ve heard it once (or perhaps many times), and you’ll hear it again. Painting. Is. KEY.

If there is nothing else you do prior to putting your property on the market, please consider a fresh coat of paint. If you are only working minimal budget, be assured that white paint on the walls and trims will absolutely see a return on investment.

If you are living in a house, painting the exterior a fresh colour will also broaden your street appeal and in turn, increase appeal to buyers. There is also something to be said about the subtle scent of a fresh lick of paint, buyers tend to like a property that is fresh and clean, ready for them or their tenants to make new memories.

Proud of your daily steps? Your floors aren’t!

Whether your family or tenants have lived in your property, it’s not uncommon for flooring to become tired very quickly. If the property is carpeted, we often suggest not to bother with steam cleaning but instead to get a quote for replacing throughout as the cost difference can be minimal, however the impact of new carpet on a buyer is very powerful.

In my experience, it seems that fresh paint and carpet go hand in hand with making any home feel brand spanking new. If your home or investment has floorboards throughout, you will be amazed at what a sanding and natural stain will do to freshen up the entire feel of the home.

Also, if you’re willing to really go for the extra wow factor, we have found that whitewash floorboards have a strong emotive impact on buyers. We use some of the best and most competitive floor sanders in the business, so contact us to find out more.

Make your windows feel pretty

For an area that doesn’t get much attention, you’d be surprised at how refreshing a little window furnishing upgrade can be to a home’s overall appeal. This may seem daunting and expensive, but if beautiful white shutters or blinds are going to break the bank, I suggest taking a look a simple yet highly effective alternative. In the past I have used a plain white curtain rod, and some simple white sheer curtains on either side. There is something majestic about sunlight streaming through gorgeous, sheer white curtains that makes a property feel that extra bit special.

Less is best, but overall our stylists know best

If you’ve taken on my advice to paint throughout, then you have probably already thought about the need to de-clutter and move all furniture off the walls. If you think your floors need to be re-done too, then you’ll also realise there needs to be no furniture on the ground which all in all seems impossible to live through. In fact, depending on your situation, we sometimes suggest moving out for the entire renovation and sale process to make your life easier. This also means avoiding trades knocking on your door at the crack of dawn, sleeping with paint fumes and it is easier keeping the property “open home ready”, especially if you have little ones. Another benefit of moving out during the sales process is that it allows us to have quality private inspections with buyers who may not be able to make the scheduled open home.

People that do decide to move out during the sales process often decide to invest in a full style by those who know how to present properties in their very best light, increasing the chance of you getting the maximum return on investment! If you don’t have access to accommodation while the sale of your property is taking place, at the very least, de-cluttering is imperative. We have a team of expert stylists ready to help you with suggestions on what to pop away for the sale, and how best to arrange and work with the furniture you already have. They can also assist with a partial style to make your home that extra bit beautiful.

These initial styling consultation sessions are complimentary and are part of our service at Cunninghams.

Nobody wants to pay top dollar for a drab kitchen/bathroom

If you really are looking to go the extra mile with property presentation and your bathroom and kitchen are looking like they need a bit of love, we can assure you this is one of the main things that captures attention from buyers. As much as buyers think they can complete a reno because they are avid watchers of “The Block”, we know that buyers also love a tidy kitchen and bathroom where they can move straight in and use without a fuss.

You don’t necessarily need to do a whole renovation, however there are some key tricks to refreshing a kitchen or bathroom that assures buyers can move straight in or alternatively rent out the property straight away without spending a cent. Keep an eye out for another blog article on this exact topic where we will run through some tips around this!

We’re not Enrique Iglesias BUT we can be your hero…(baby)

Are you bit time poor? Don’t know the best trades? Or does this all sound a little “too hard basket”?  But at the same time, are you thinking that you definitely don’t want to leave a single dollar in the pocket of a buyer and prefer it to be in yours instead?

Leave the process to us! At Cunninghams we have a team of skilled professionals to help facilitate this whole process for you and the most trusted trades in the business, who have helped hundreds of owners get their homes “sale ready”.

We are more than happy to take the process out of your hands, and no, this doesn’t cost any extra to be handled! We care about our clients and want to achieve the best possible price for your property, and if you’re happy to invest in the best possible presentation, then we are happy to invest our time to help you.

Get in touch with one of our team members today to find out how best to get your property to stand out from the crowd.