Marketing your property in a strong market – full market vs. ‘On the Quiet’ campaigns

04 March 2021

In a strong and rapidly rising market like we find ourselves in now, we always see our database of buyers grow very quickly, and right now it is growing more quickly than we have ever seen. There are buyers in all price brackets, looking for a range of different properties, and it is not uncommon to see lines of buyers waiting to take a look through a property each Saturday and Wednesday. As we continue to meet buyers up and down the beaches, we are building on our already extensive database of buyers, which is now likely the strongest on the beaches due to our high volume of sales.

In this type of market it would be very easy for us to market many of our properties using purely an ‘On the Quiet’ strategy to the database of qualified buyers we have here at Cunninghams. Also called an ‘Off Market’ strategy by other Agents, this strategy can be used very successfully when it is done correctly as we have seen here at Cunninghams over the last few months. Now we are in a bullish market with new buyers appearing at properties each week, we now see it best as ‘Phase 1’ of a full campaign marketing strategy. We are now finding it crucial to launch as many properties as we can to a full marketing campaign early, to capture as many out of area buyers as possible. This will also capture the crucial local passive buyers to have them all compete openly at Auction or often pre-Auction negotiations, when circumstances dictate that is the best option.

In this market we don’t want to leave any stone unturned or any buyers left out in the cold and as always it pays to be diligent and discover who is, and who is not interested in the properties we are offering for sale. Currently, many buyers are acting quickly and this in turn forces other interested parties into quicken up the pace, with social proof and ‘fear of missing out’ a huge part of the heat in today’s market. As a result, a competitive environment is created quickly in almost every sale these days, and it is our job is to create an open transparent Auction or pre-auction negotiation environment to ensure we facilitate the best outcome for our clients.

With Covid-19 forcing many people reassess how they work and live, we are seeing an extraordinary trend towards buyer migration, meaning people uprooting their families and moving to a more desirable location, such as the Northern Beaches. We are seeing an influx of buyers from all parts of Sydney to the Beaches, and in particular many buyers from Sydney’s Inner West, Eastern Suburbs and North Shore who see bigger blocks, friendly communities, great schools and amenities for the whole family.

People are also wanting more from their homes; they want somewhere they can live, work, entertain and most of all feel part of a community where they can enjoy the lifestyle it has to offer. There are active and passive buyers from all over Sydney who are utilising the real estate platforms such as and to source their next move and it is in our clients best interest to have their properties listed here to understand the full breadth of the market. So while we will still utilise our ‘On the Quiet’ strategy that has been so successful the last few months, we may just suggest we use this as a precursor to a full campaign that is able to gain greater exposure through the main property platforms.

Further to this, we are also able to meet these buyers who are set on certain Northern Beaches suburbs and show them what money can buy in neighbouring suburbs where there may be more value in their eyes. For example, if a buyer from Rozelle is looking mainly in Manly or Queenscliff, they may not have considered nearby suburbs or similar suburbs across the beaches. With the greater reach of the portals we believe we can provide our clients, both buyers and sellers, with the best possible advice to ensure they have an outstanding experience and find joy through property.

With 41 sales for our team in February and 9 so far in March (first 4 days!), there is a lot of momentum in the market. If you’re interested in finding out how we could gain the greatest exposure and maximum price for your property, don’t hesitate to get in touch.