19 Ettalong Street, Wheeler Heights – memories of joy

15 October 2020

We absolutely love when our clients find joy through property! Seeing people make real connections and feel an emotional connection through property, either through the excitement of a new property, or re-living memories made at a property also gives our team the greatest joy.

This week, 19 Ettalong Street Wheeler Heights came to market with Agents Liliana O’Toole and Matthew Lemon. As part of our marketing strategy for this property, the video was posted on the Cunninghams Instagram page as well as Liliana’s page, and something unexpected happened. David McCrae of MM+J Architects in Manly saw our post and quickly realised that this was his much loved childhood home, sold by his parents to the current owners 48 years ago in 1972.

Ecstatic to be able to see the home online, David also came to see the home in person at the open home with Liliana on Saturday. David said he was so pleased that the property had been so beautifully transformed by the owners who also raised a family there and also have great memories of the home. David recalls loving the yard and the view, and also the fact that it was close to the beach, despite the hill in between! Back when he was growing up, David also remembers that the neighbours owned the local fish and chip shop next door to the Collaroy cinema, which worked very well for him and his siblings after a day at the beach! Sharing on his MM+J Architects Instagram page, David also shares that this home was where he decided he wanted to be an architect.

One of the most touching parts of the story is that David was able to show the video and photos of the property to his 92 year old father Neil, who is unfortunately suffering from dementia, living in Melbourne and currently in lockdown. David said seeing the photos and video of the home made his father “remember and smile”. The pictures of this home, where he and his wife Val raised their children, was able to bring a much loved memory back for David’s father, which was a very special moment. Neil and Val moved into Ettalong Street two days after David was born, and in his mothers arms, David was brought home from Hornsby Hospital in January 1964 and where he spent the bulk of his childhood and made many, many happy memories. On the Instagram post, one of David’s nieces Amy Meiklejohn says she can imagine her Grandma dancing around the house doing the vacuuming!

Conversing with the daughter of the current owner on the Instagram post, David says “I have many, many happy memories there, I hope you do too, and I hope the next owners will also!”

The property is scheduled to go to auction, onsite on Saturday 24 October at 2:30pm and we look forward to sharing the history of this beautiful home with the new owners. For more information click here to view the property online or contact Liliana O’Toole on 0412 596 759.