Insights | In Your Home with Peter Schooley, Touchstone Constructions

19 January 2021

Peter Schooley of Touchstone Constructions is our Guest Editor, giving us some main points to consider when embarking on a new build or renovation. Touchstone Constructions was founded 20 years ago and has evolved into a high-end residential, commercial and project management construction company. A trusted and highly respected company, Touchstone is well known in the industry for unique and innovative building projects.

I have been building houses for almost 30 years and am often asked “how do you maximise value when considering a new build or renovation?” As the owner of a business that is involved in the maintenance of properties right through to the construction of multi-million dollar homes, I see three areas that provide prospective buyers with the confidence to move forward on a purchase. 

1. Approvals

When considering a new build or renovation, it is vitally important to gain the appropriate approvals. Most of us are familiar with a DA (Development Application via Council Approval), or even a CDC (Complying Development Certificate via a private certifier or similar), but not as many are familiar with Exempt Development. Exempt Development is most often associated with improvements that do not require formal approval from either council or a certifier, but can be tricky to classify. The best reference for understanding Exempt Development can be found here.

2. Minor improvements

Without a doubt an architect designed house will greatly assist in boosting the profile of your property. However, clever design can also be implemented by making the most of the aspect, the view, landscaping or by focusing on elegant and functional details (cornices, shutters, flooring, joinery).

3. Tradespeople

Last but not least are the tradespeople you choose to undertake the works. No matter what size, you should always seek a reference, preferably their most recent project, and always use a licensed tradesperson. There is a level of trust required from both parties, so a tradesperson wanting full payment upfront is never a great start. A great tradesperson will always deliver because YOU are his/her best marketing tool and the source of future works. There is also no such thing as set and forget for a building project, and good communication is always the key to great outcome!

For more information or to get in touch with the Touchstone team, call Peter on 0419 985 703 or email [email protected]