2019 End of year market wrap

19 December 2019

Watch the video below:

2019 End of year market wrap, with John Cunningham

00:03 Hi, it’s John Cunningham with the 2019 wrap. Well, what a year. The year that we didn’t expect – well, we’re back. The market is strong, buyers are out there in force and sellers are actually coming back into the marketplace.
00:15 Well, how did we finish up the year? 406 sales, which is above our expectations. It’s fantastic.
00:20 Buyers and sellers, were active in all fronts. So it’s been a really interesting year. A year of change, a year of dynamics.
00:25 Let’s looks at some stats.
00:27 98.9% auction clearance rate. That’s the highest we’ve ever had and it’s quite extraordinary when you consider it.
00:34 We sold $630 million worth of property, one of the highest years we’ve ever had. So some pretty impressive numbers there. But what’s probably more important is that our clients really benefit from that. Both our buyers and sellers had a great experience working with Cunninghams throughout the year and that led to more and more business opportunities. So looking forward, we’re going to keep building and building and building on that because it’s going to be an amazing year ahead.
00:57 And thanks everyone for an amazing 2019!