Cunninghams, a fresh approach to achieving the best

24 September 2021

Change is a good thing!

We’re in the business of change. We understand change, and we welcome it. Not satisfied with good. We want and expect the best. That’s why the Cunninghams, you know, continues to grow and change.

The imminent opening of our new Avalon Beach office, along with the contemporary brand refresh and overall upgrade of the Cunninghams brand and property marketing strategy reflects our commitment to continuous growth and to positioning ourselves for our clients’ every advantage and success. The team, headed by the same passionate individuals, and our fresh marketing strategies will take us firmly into the future. As the area continues to grow and thrive, we want to ensure our clients share in its prosperity.

This brand refresh combines our emotive lifestyle branding with the smarts, innovation and technology to keep us ahead of the curve and marketing properties in ways that others simply aren’t doing.

We wanted to keep what we had, being emotive, people, heart, results and trusted and expand the resonance of the brand to also be known more for innovation, a new edge, mind/smarts, authority, assertive, action and as a result create more talk-ability in the market.

A large part of this brand refresh is our innovative new signboards where we have tried to do things differently, putting the focus on providing buyers quick access to as much quality property information as possible to then create a high level of engagement and excitement. Since we launched these new boards the traffic is already increasing significantly to the property listings on our website as we are able to track each unique QR code and provide our sellers with a traffic report which is something that has never been done before.

We’ve also used this QR code technology on our For Lease boards with a QR code on all the For Lease boards that links directly to the PROPERTIES FOR LEASE page on our website.

We are all about providing the most efficient access to information for tenants to save them searching rental properties on the internet or trying to remember the address of a rental property as they drive past a signboard.

Our new office in Avalon Beach, adds to our 3 offices in Balgowlah, Dee Why and Manly achieving record results over the past few months, and we felt it was the perfect time to launch our new branding and the “Cunninghams Way” to the entire Northern Beaches from our 4 offices along the Peninsula as we headed into another strong Spring market across the board.

With this fresh new look we feel we have further enhanced how much we are a NORTHERN BEACHES brand and this is reflected in our new look better than ever before.

Any questions? Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss any of these points further, or we can chat about how we can use our strong brand and innovative marketing strategies to sell or lease your property.