The best colours to use when styling your home for sale

20 February 2020

Introducing our Guest Editor, Amazema Interiors! They have some helpful hints on adding colour when it comes to styling for sale.

Ok, it’s time to have a little chat, so grab a cup of coffee and get comfy because Amazema is about to dish on our insider tips for colour and how it can get you to SOLD!

One of our big challenges when helping clients style their home is, in fact, the colour red. Passion, salsa (both the food and the dance), love, hate, hunger, tension; these all live in red and while some are emotions very much needed in buying a house, we do find the colour completely polarises the public. So let’s get this out of the way and let you know that our hot tip is to lose or at least minimise the red when styling your property for sale.

Colours that make you say “yes, a million times yes!”

All of the colours mentioned below have specific tones that suit the trending colour palette, so we’ll list the colour by primary and then the tone of the season.

Yellow: Mustard

It’s inspiring, it’s lively and it’s the colour most associated with the sun. Generating a curious sense of wonder and positively impacting our nervous system, yellow can literally brighten your day. So if you’re needing a little vitality injection, get your hands on a spark of yellow (mustard). A little round throw cushion, a fleck through a painting or, if you’re feeling luxurious, a velvet ottoman to complement other colours and textures.

Blue: Indigo/Navy

Take a deep breath in… and out. Blue will make your potential buyers feel a wave of cool tranquillity caress their aching minds. Because let’s face it, searching for a home is right up there in the stress-o-meter. Anything you can do to make a person feel instantly at ease in your property is going to be very helpful. Whether it’s a splash in the bedroom with cushions and artwork, or the feature staple all throughout the house. You can never go wrong with blue.

This image is one of our favourites, featuring a navy artwork and subtle blue tones in the armchair and throw cushions, complimenting this beachside apartment and showcasing its natural light and open outlook. Deep and comfortable without forgetting the beach fresh vibes. Check out our website and Instagram for more inspo.

Green: Olive/Sage/Mint

When people think of green, their minds often wander to the zesty freshness of a new leaf but in interiors, we like to mellow this colour out and deepen it. The three most popular incarnations this season (olive, sage and mint) will give you the edge and here’s why: green is a colour of trustfulness and tranquillity. It is a natural stabiliser that brings a sense of community. With so much attention on wastefulness and unawareness, green will tether your home to the Earth (not to mention hitting some serious cool points for trendiness)!

A classic Amazema bedroom created by our Interior Department. We style for keeps too – just ask!

Pink: Blush/Terracotta

This season, pinks are back in a big way! So get on board because a big, beautiful, magical train of pink is making its way through the design world. Psychologically pink is actually known for its ability to neutralise, and if you’re a sports fan you’ll know a lot of referees wear that colour because it often helps avoid anger in heated situations. However, in the home pink instils a sense of softness, perfect for homes that want an emotionally driven response. In blush form it will lift a space and give it youthfulness, whereas using a terracotta shade, which has undertones of orange, will keep the space grounded in a bubble of comfort. Now doesn’t that sound nice?!

We hope you take this newfound information and not only bring it to the home you want to sell but also the home in which you intend to stay.

Much love and colour,

The Amazema Team.