How to make the most of your outdoor living space

02 March 2020

Outdoor living is a way of life for many Australians so it stands to reason that more homeowners and buyers are looking for ways to create outdoor living solutions as part of their ideal home design. In fact, a recent survey overseen by the National Association of Home Builders found a nice outdoor living space was described by respondents as being not just desirable but essential.

We sat down with John Cunningham to discuss outdoor living on the Northern Beaches and how to create a desirable outdoor living solution in your home. Take a read below!

John, in your experience why do you think outdoor living spaces are so important?

Outdoor living spaces in our temperate coastal environment are singularly the most important property improvement anyone can make, connecting the indoor with the outdoor for year round living. A seamless flow of indoor and outdoor living spaces are by far one of the most popular ‘must haves’ on many buyers’ wishlists. We tend to do most of our living in these connected spaces and when a property has a seamless flow of indoor and outdoor it definitely maximises the homes’ appeal to buyers.

What are buyers looking for in an outdoor space?

These days the covered outdoor space is a big bonus for a property. Buyer feedback tells us that homes with an indoor space that connects to a covered outdoor space provides many options when it comes to living all year round. Having that connection from indoor to outdoor creates an area perfect for day to day living, as well as entertaining and socialising with ease, something that is on many buyer wishlists. Creating the flow from kitchen, living and outdoor space also helps to provide a sense of space and light in many homes.

If you are thinking of selling your home and want to do up your outdoor living area, how would you go about that?

I would suggest to talk to an expert first. There are so many great designers, like our styling and design team at Amazema who know exactly how to execute an effective design in a way that will enhance your property and give you a great return on investment. Usability and engagement in the space is where you start, ensuring you have a covered space and that the area is easily accessible as well as welcoming. Lastly I would ensure all weather conditions have been considered and that the furniture is an outdoor design.

That’s a perfect segue to the important question – will a good outdoor space make a difference to the bottom line?

It’s all about the bottom line! Ending up with a space that is liveable, enticing, comfortable and looks great will also provide great value add, likely well beyond the initial investment.

Your three top tips to renovating an outdoor living space?

  1. Connectivity to the indoor living space is crucial
  2. Make sure the covered space provides an all weather entertaining area with sun protection
  3. Provide easy access to a garden/green area with a seamless flow from inside to outside.