Top Home Design Trends 2021 | Upper Northern Beaches

13 July 2021

Since COVID hit in 2020 we have been homebound like never before. It’s about 18 months on and we have seen a huge spike in homeowners renovating their properties. This trend is Australia wide research shows the average cost of a “pandemic renovation” in NSW has been over $66,000.

On the Upper Northern Beaches, we are at the forefront of renovating and creating beautiful homes. For those renovating or selling in the year ahead, it’s beneficial to be aware of interior and design trends as it has an impact on the value and ultimate sale price of your property.

Here are some of my favourite home design elements to inspire you in 2021.

Natural Materials

natural tones Top Home Design Trends 2021

natural tones Top Home Design Trends 2021

Natural materials are popping up everywhere in interiors this year. Think rattan, cane, jute, wicker, ceramics, linens and timbers. Perfectly suited to the Northern Beaches, this design trend connects us with nature, organic living, and a sense of calm in the home.

Natural materials are texturally diverse, you have hard, soft, smooth, edgy and rough… the only texture these materials generally don’t have is a glossy shine.

This design trend tends to be relaxed, not laboured over, and it works best with layers. Cushions, throws and mixed linens add softness to rough and hard surfaces. Materials like wicker and rattan bring a sense of detail while woven elements and handmade textural wall hangings channel organic beauty.

These natural materials pair perfectly with two of Dulux’s 2021 colour palettes…

Vibrant & Earthy Colour Palettes

Earthy Colour Palette design trends 2021

Earthy Colour Palettes design trends

Dulux’s colour forecast for 2021 presents us with three palettes, two of them, I feel, are perfectly fitting for our interiors Beyond the Bends. The ‘Nourish’ and ‘Reset’ palettes bring fresh hues and gently move us forward from the popular “white bomb blank canvas” we have come to rely on, offering ideas for a modern, calm haven.

Nourish – Warm neutrals and accents of yellow and green, simple, textural and nurturing hues. Scheming with a soft, natural tone such as Dulux Warm Neutral creates a calming and flexible colour palette. Layer with textures and add earthy tones to complete the look.

warm neutrals design trends 2021

warm neutrals design trends 2021Reset – Uplifting colours and retro influences. An eclectic mix of old and new mesh together creating a happy space to energise your home.

Add pops of colour by selecting soft furnishings and decorator items with accents from the Reset palette such as Dulux Daintree and spicy Dulux Hot Chillie.

Dulux Snowy Mountains Half is a neutral white perfect to scheme with warmer and cooler colours both inside and out. White is versatile and harmonises beautifully with a variety of surfaces, balancing cool concrete against warm timber.

Exotic Themes

exotic themes design trends 2021

exotic themes design trends 2021

I wonder if we are all pining for our long lost overseas adventures and international escapades, as it’s coming out in our decor! We are seeing jungle wallpaper, African wall art, and Balinese furniture, to mention a few native styles coming through.

A Little Bit Of Luxe

luxe design trends 2021

luxe design trends 2021

We’ve done the de-clutter, now we want a little bit of de-luxe.

If you’re anything like my wife you’ve spent most lockdown days clearing out cupboards and re-organising. You’ve thought through what you value and want, and now there’s some space for a little bit of luxury in your abode.

Luxe decor has quality materials that feel striking and impressive. They stand out in a neutral space. Chic and stunning, you’ve thought about these pieces, It’s a buy-once-buy-well mentality that feels high-end and carefully curated. There’s an element of coziness, a dash of opulence and effortless sophistication.

Think curved armchairs, velvet cushions, gold fittings, plush fur rugs and throws, sculpted ornaments, embellished mirrors and larger than life light fittings.

Adding an element of lux to hard surfaces and canvases of neutral bring life and colour, and some distinct personality into a room.

If you’re in the process of renovating or restyling your home and would like the foresight of what will add value in future and maximise eventual sale price, or, you would just like advice on buying or selling in the Upper Northern Beaches, contact me on 0424 053 355 or on email.

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