Plastic Free July – we are part of the solution

02 July 2020

Plastic Free July is a global movement to help millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution.


The aim is to have cleaner streets, clearer oceans and more sparkling communities. We invite you to swap out JUST ONE single-use plastic this month for a greener alternative, because when you choose not to use a plastic straw, not to use a plastic shopping bag or refuse to purchase plastic-wrapped fruit and veggies, you are joining over 120 million people around the world helping put an end to plastic pollution.

Cunninghams are proud to be a part of this movement and we urge you to join us to help be part of the solution. Here are just some ways you can reduce plastic waste for this month and beyond:

Reusable coffee cups: This is a big one! Choose to refuse single-use takeaway cups. You can easily avoid takeaway coffee cups by bringing along your own reusable alternative. There are many reusable coffee cups available on the market. Keep it in your bag or on your desk at work; wherever you’ll remember to use it.

Party decorations: Choose to refuse balloons and other single-use plastic party decorations and opt for decorations that can be used again such as bunting, tassels, tissue pom poms, lanterns, as well as fresh flowers.

Bathroom products: Choose to refuse single-use plastic bathroom products. Plastic bottles and containers hide in many corners of the bathroom or in the drawers under your sink, and they are also some of the easiest to eliminate.Choose products that come in a bar, like a bar of soap, shaving cream or shampoo. You may like to consider other items in your bathroom such as razor blades, nappies, bin liners and sanitary items. These can also be replaced with longer-lasting, reusable items that are plastic-free.

Pre-packed fruits and vegetables: Choose to refuse pre-packed fruit and vegetables. Buying plastic-wrapped or packaged fruits and vegetables can be convenient, but unfortunately it creates plastic waste. Instead, look out for loose fruit and vegetables in your local grocery store, or head to a farmers market or organic store where plastic packaging is less often used.

Avoid cling wrap: Say NO to plastic wrap! There are many fantastic alternatives to plastic cling wrap that you can use to reduce plastic pollution. Storing and packing food in reusable containers is a great start. You can also purchase reusable silicone bowl toppers to cover food in bowls, pots and pans, or even get crafty with an upside down plate, reusable cloth cover or wax wrap.

Organise a clean-up in your local community: Cunninghams Clean Up is an initiative we set up a few months ago and have held two successful clean up days involving our whole team. We urge you to get involved with our next #cunninghamscleanup or organise one for yourself!  Before organising a clean-up in your local park or beach, there are a few practicalities you’ll need to check off. In some council areas, you need approval before organising a clean-up. It’s worth checking with your council, just to be safe.

Simply buy less!: Before you buy, stop and think about the low or no waste waste options. People making smarter decisions when shopping show that it can have a huge impact, and is not too difficult. Considering the packaging of the item is a good place to start to ‘buy less’. Thinking about potential alternatives can include: choosing the item with the least amount of packaging, switching from plastic to paper packaging, or even choosing loose product with no packaging at the grocers or a bulk food store.

By just making a few small changes each, together we can help save our oceans, protect our planet and ensure future generations can enjoy this little place we call home. One small change is all it takes to get motivated and to inspire others to do the same.

For even more ideas on ways you can reduce your impact on our environment during Plastic Free July and beyond, click here.