Guest Editor | Amy Stead, Amazema Interiors

28 April 2022

Amy Stead is the Founder and Creative Director of Amazema Interiors and has worked closely with Cunninghams for over 10 years. Amy launched her design studio 12 years ago which evolved into Amazema Interiors, focusing on Property Styling and Interior Design projects within Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Amy took her experience from Commercial Interior Design Projects & Furniture design, and has expanded into Residential Property Design & Styling to help sellers achieve the very best from their property, whether it is to sell or stay.

This week Amy gives us some tips for styling our homes for style and comfort as we head into the cooler months.

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Amy Stead

Time to Get Cozy:

We can now feel that change of season in the air, cooler mornings and nights are here again so let’s look at some small changes to make our homes feel cozy for the cooler months ahead.

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Textured Textiles:

Layering beautiful textures in your textiles throughout your home is a high impact way to make your rooms feel welcoming for the change of season upon us. A chunky knit throw rug on the end of the sofa to curl up with in the evening, a soft fine wool rug on the foot of the bed, beautiful cozy rugs under foot in the lounge room are all practical and pleasing additions to your spaces. Think about both the visual appeal and the hand feel, investing in quality pieces made of natural fibers that you can use year after year is a great investment for your home and the environment.

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Warm Colours:

There is no need to replace the big things, adding in just small touches of earthy warm colours can visually make your home feel warmer and inviting. This can be achieved by simply changing the colour of your bedding, adding in a few seasonal throw cushions to the sofa or an arrangement of dried flowers in warm tones to your dining table. Look for warm rusts, pinks, oranges, burgundy and browns. If warm tones aren’t your thing, deep greens, navy and charcoal can give you a similar warming effect, keep in mind the more depth of colour the better to give you the greatest impact.

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Ambient Lighting:

Using indirect and ambient lighting rather than overhead such as down lights can be a lovely way to bring in warmth both day and night. On those grey days warm lighting from a stunning feature table or floor lamp can brighten a room and in the evening they provide a soft light to wind down with at the end of the day. There are many organic sculptural options about at the moment both new and vintage that are equally beautiful off and on. And remember to use warm white globes in all your lamps to give the desired warm ambient glow.

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Rich Scents:

It’s time to leave behind the zesty fresh scents of summer and turn towards woody, earthy and rich floral notes. In your candles, diffusers and incense look for rose, bergamot, clove, geranium or cinnamon, to name a few. The way your space smells can instantly set the tone and transport you to warm evenings by the fire, or walks in the crisp morning air. Have a play with them to see how they can lift your mood and create a wonderfully warm atmosphere in your home.

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If you have any questions on how Amy and the Amazema team can help you showcase your home to sell or stay, please get in touch here.