Spring selling season and a look ahead into 2022

26 August 2021

With Spring selling season just around the corner, we are sure a lot of buyers and home owners are wondering how this will play out for those of us in extended lockdowns. Up until this point, we haven’t seen a dramatic shift in the market in terms of properties sold, and properties coming to market have been steady. Buyer sentiment continues to remain positive, and so far the process of qualifying buyers before our private appointments has proven to be very successful.

These private viewing appointments have been a pivotal tool for us over the last few months, along with video walk throughs and Facetime inspections to get buyers through properties in a Covid-safe way. It has been said that for every 25 buyers who would normally walk through an open home on a Saturday, there would be 5 highly engaged and motivated buyers. In the case of our private appointments, we are still meeting with possibly 20 of those buyers but those 5 highly engaged buyers are relishing the opportunity of the short initial one-on-one time to discuss their needs and if the property is suitable, they are making their moves quickly. This also gives us a great insight into the buyer profile and how we can help them to secure their ideal property as a result.

Throughout these unusual circumstances, our team have adapted and developed new skills, many of which we will take with us when we return to a life more normal. Our exceptional client focused service has remained a constant throughout these unpredictable times, it is the way we do it that has been the variant. Our online auctions have been extremely successful and although in the beginning many buyers (and some agents) felt uncomfortable about them, we have systems and processes in place that allow the process to be transparent, efficient and convenient. We expect that the use of online auction platforms will be something that remains as a helpful selling tool, even when restrictions ease.

When it comes to properties coming to market in Spring, we know that appraisal numbers have been high across the last month, including a record 56 appraisals conducted in just one week alone. We expect that stock levels will remain consistent and should the NSW lockdown and restrictions ease significantly through Spring and into early Summer we do expect some sort of a flurry to occur with those who have been holding off, launching to market to squeeze in a campaign before years’ end. Given the less than normal Spring selling season of 2021, we also predict that 2022 will begin much like we did in 2021 – with high buyer demand and moderate stock levels.

If you are a homeowner who is looking to sell, we would suggest contacting us sooner rather than later to discuss the best strategy for you and your property. We have the strongest buyer database on the Northern Beaches and will be able to match your property with many hot buyers on our buyer database in the initial phase of the campaign. We are also having great success with properties launched to market and reaching out of area buyers. Our latest data shows that 33% of buyers are coming from out of the area and looking to secure their piece of Northern Beaches lifestyle, and data shows that there will be many more buyers looking to make that sea change over the next year.

One of the many things that this pandemic has taught us, is that finding joy in your home is very important to everyone, and we want to help all of our clients on their journey to finding it, so we look forward to assisting you when the time is right.