Facebook News Block – what does this mean for our clients?

18 February 2021

As you may have heard, this morning the Government proposed legislation that prevents social media platforms and digital “tech giants” from sharing news content for free. Under the new legislation, platforms like Google and Facebook are being asked to pay our Australian Publishers and mainstream news outlets to display, or share, news content on their platforms.

This legislation was created in a bid to help save Australian journalism, and ensure that our media outlets can continue to maintain a sustainable revenue stream. In order to do so – someone needs to foot the bill, which is why the Australian Government is looking to the “tech” and social media giants to jump on board and help out.

Google have agreed to the new legislation and are paying for news content to be displayed in their search engine. Unfortunately, Facebook have opposed the changes and are refusing to comply. Instead, Facebook have “reluctantly” decided to block all major media outlets on their platform. This means that REA (realestate.com.au) and Domain have also been blocked on Facebook because they are considered to be news outlets.

This is a contentious issue at present as the debate wagers on who will benefit… But suffice to say – we will stay out of that circular debate!

In light of the changes, we wanted to advise you and our community that our agency’s and agents’ Facebook pages and social media channels remain unaffected since our content (including property listings) is fed from our website.

For anyone who is searching for property on Google, you will still be able to find properties in the search engine that are listed on REA and Domain, and of course our website at cunninghamsre.com.au.

We are continuing to monitor this situation closely and will advise of any updates as we find out. However, the key takeaway here is that these changes won’t adversely affect your property search, or your property marketing campaign with Cunninghams.

If you have any concerns, please feel free to get in touch by giving us a call on 02 9949 7077.

You can find out more from Facebook’s press release here.