August Insights – Market Update

28 August 2020

This week we bring you another edition of Cunninghams Insights with John Cunningham. John discusses a range of topics including the age old question “What is going on with the Northern Beaches property market?”

“What is going on with the Northern Beaches property market?” We get asked this question a lot, being the strongest property market in NSW, people are often wondering how and why property on the Northern Beaches can be so resilient. As John explains, it comes down to supply and demand, coupled with some interesting data that we have recently uncovered. Click here to watch our August Insights.

Don’t have time to watch the full video? Skip to the bits that relate to you and your property journey:
0 – 2 minutes: What’s happening in the Northern Beaches market?
2 – 3 minutes: Our results – what’s our point of difference?
3 – 4 minutes: What does “On the Quiet” mean?
4 – 5 minutes: The importance of emotive marketing and proper presentation.
5 – 6 minutes: Latest changes to the town planning policies for low/medium density.
6 minutes – end: Property management and investment update.

Thanks for watching. Tune in next month for more insights.