Your guide to a successful sale

12 March 2020

Take a read below for your guide to a successful sale and our top 5 critical tips for a smooth and seamless sales campaign.

1. Start by getting the best advice

Selling your property is one of the most important transactions you’ll ever undertake. It usually involves a great deal of time, money and effort. Professional, expert advice can make a significant difference and that’s why most people decide to engage a specialist to sell their property. But a word of caution, unfortunately the wrong type of advice can come at a hefty price.

Choosing an Agent with recognised credentials, experience and a proven strategy is imperative. The best advice usually costs very little more and the best value is about getting the best out of your investment. Your investment in your Agent, your investment in your property presentation, your investment in your marketing and your investment in your time. Starting with our clearly thought out strategies for designer presentation, emotive marketing, showcasing our open homes, buyer engagement & nurture program and wrapping it all together with our transparent competitive negotiation strategy. We feel these are the attributes that give your property a significant edge and the best return on your investment.

2. Treat the sale as a joint partnership with your chosen Agent

When choosing your Agent, look for someone you trust and connect with and see the actual substance beneath. Consider asking yourself these questions:

> Does this person/company resonate with me?
> Is it likely that we all can comfortably be on the same page?
> Do they have my best interests at heart?

These important questions could be the keys to your success as they raise the issues of trust and confidence. Your Agent, like you, should be enthusiastic about the task ahead, interested in your home and share a common goal.

3. Have a strategy for everything

You can’t leave anything to chance when dealing with your most valuable asset. For this reason, every property we present deserves a commitment to clear and well-developed marketing, pricing methodology, communication and negotiation strategies. We’ve developed clear and defined processes to achieve excellent outcomes for our clients. These coherent, bespoke strategies are able to leverage our vast experience to ensure the required results happen. It is important that every one of these strategies has a value add component so make sure your Agent can clearly explain what the advantage is and provide evidence of how it works.

4. You can’t sell a secret but you can stage a showcase

The resources, tools and technology required to realise the full potential of your property should be utilised to firstly engage and then maximise buyer response. Having a focused, multimedia marketing strategy means that you have options that will encompass either a comprehensive or staggered approach incorporating database, online, print media and networking to your target market.

5. Understanding buyer behaviour

In order for both you and your agent to achieve the best outcome from the sale, the most critical aspect is
to understand how buyers think. As a seller, you will have a certain selling mentality whereas if you switch hats and wear a buyer’s hat, you will start to appreciate a different perspective. This may provide greater clarity when it comes to decision time. Ironically, when sellers do this it often leads to better outcomes, less angst and a more rewarding experience.

6. Never miss an opportunity

In the selling process, your agent should be skilled at recognising opportunities at every turn. They should recognise the buying signs, supply quality information that influences buyers into making positive decisions and make sure they have identified every possibly buyer for your property. After all, this is why you employ an agent – to maximise buyer engagement and ultimately to maximise the sale price. A professional and competent agent creates the environment for this to happen.

Our Top 5 critical points for a seamless sales campaign

Get your timing right!

The timing of a sale depends more on you and less on the market/season. Certainly there are seasons when your home may present more attractively to your targeted buyer, but in today’s market where buyers are active in the market consistently throughout the year, be guided by your needs and your agent will work with you to achieve what’s best.

Appoint your legal representative early and have all the contractual and compliance pieces in order

In doing so, you will avoid any 11th hour hitches. You cannot offer your property to the market without a
Contract for Sale of Land in place or an Agency Agreement signed.

You never get a second chance to create a positive first impression

First impressions are lasting impressions! Having a professional stylist or interior designer advise you on how to get the most out of your property can harvest tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Street appeal is critical and even minor repairs need to be undertaken as buyers might see these as being major repairs. Even the basics play a part so de-cluttering inside and out can significantly contribute to those first impressions.

Listen to the market!

The market is the market. Whether balanced, bullish or bearish, the key is understanding what it means specifically to your property as there can be bullish properties in a bearish market and vice versa. There is no one-size-fits-all approach as it all comes down to how many boxes each property ticks for prospective buyers.
Feedback from buyers needs to be taken seriously as they are the ones who will be paying you the money so this is where the trust, confidence and transparency you have with your agent is critical. Expert advice leads to a positive experience and the best results.

Negotiating the best outcome

Whether you are selling by Private Treaty or Auction, there will be negotiation times and that starts
from the very first day. Establishing a clear pricing strategy will provide you with the best chance of interested buyers engaging with your property early and open the opportunity for competition between buyers. Having a strategy in place with your agent on how you are going to leverage this is critical, as is also having one in place if this does not happen to get your property into the right zone. Open, honest communication is essential. A skilled negotiator understands how to utilise their understanding of buyer behaviour to maximise your sale price by both Auction and Private Treaty. A great agent will be able to provide you with ample case studies on how this is achieved.

Completion processes of the sale

Once contracts are exchanged and settlement is confirmed there are a number of things that will still need your attention. Your legal representative will handle all of the conveyancing and financial aspects once you have arranged for your broker or bank to proceed but there is all the personal aspects such as utilities, mail, insurances that cannot be forgotten. Your agent should provide you with a comprehensive list of things to tick off prior to settlement.

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