Working from home? A guide to creating a stress free environment

01 April 2020

With many of us working from home right now, doing our bit to #stopthespread we have compiled a list of helpful working from home tips that will keep you on track and motivated to achieve your daily work goals. While we are dealing with this challenging time, it is also important to keep a check on mental and physical health, so we have suggested some virtual/online options that can assist in creating a stress free environment while balancing work and life in your home. Take a read below.

Our top five tips for working from home:

1. Structure your day like you would in an office.
Workout a schedule, e.g. mornings for meetings, afternoons for focused time on writing/projects/tasks. Utilise your lunchbreak to stand up, eat a nutritious meal and get some fresh air and sunshine where possible.

2. Make a to do list
This is important in the office and working from home! In order to work through tasks methodically and create a sense of achievement when working from home, a to do list is critical for accountability and to also maintain efficiency.

3. Choose a dedicated work space
Having an office space in your home may not be practical for everyone, but we do suggest creating a space where you can work easily with a comfortable chair and desk (or even the dining room table). Some natural light and room for a laptop and notepad is also helpful.

4. Find your rhythm
While some tasks and meetings will be urgent and require to work at certain times, if you find that you are more focused first thing in the morning, then get up and start working! Find the ebbs and flows or your work day and be sure to capitalise on those productive periods by powering through those hard tasks you may have been putting off.

5. Use technology to stay connected
While we are working remotely and living with social distance measures, it has never been more important to stay connected. There are a range of apps and platforms to help us with this both in the workplace and socially. We have outlined some of our favourites below.

Virtual meetings

Google Hangout

Organising/information sharing

Google‘s suite of organising platforms including Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Drive

Health and wellbeing

The Yoga Space yoga and meditation
Centr by Chris Hemsworth
28 by Sam Wood
Sweat by Kayla Itsines
Fluidform Pilates at home
Barre Body Online
Also, check in with your local gym or fitness studio, chances are they may have adapted some classes for online workouts for their clients!

Socialising & communication

Instagram video chat
Whatsapp (mobile and desktop)

With so much going on right now, you or someone you know may be struggling to cope so please remember that help is only a phone call away. Lifeline Northern Beaches will continue to remain open regardless of possible enforced shutdowns, anytime of the day or night on 13 11 14. Lifeline Text is also available nightly, 6pm-midnight, (AEDT) on 0477 13 11 14.

Look after yourself and your loved ones.