Home is a feeling

03 September 2020

At Cunninghams we champion a fresh approach to property marketing and presentation, and we are big believers in trying to convey a human and emotive story with each of our properties. For us it’s about showcasing what it is like to live in a home, the finer details and the feeling of how people interact with each space. We are committed to presenting a home not only to showcase it’s best assets, but also to tell a story about what makes that home special, so buyers can feel an emotional connection as soon as they see our photography or videography. We want buyers to be able to engage with the property as soon as they see it, and again when they walk through the front door.

The idea of a home is much more than a place of shelter, we believe that over time, a home creates memories of stability, belonging and comfort for families and friends alike. During these uncertain times, when people are spending more and more time at home and craving some level of security, people need a safe space to feel that sense of belonging and comfort and importantly, somewhere to be themselves. For us, shifting the idea that a property is only a physical space, to home being a more of a feeling, was a major factor in the re-brand of our marketing in 2015. We could see that nearly every product on the market involved a human element, and that was something missing in the real estate market. Previously, all real estate photos were just images of rooms with no feeling of emotion or sense of what it is like to live in that space, and we wanted to change that. Our point of difference of putting homeowners in the photography and videography of a property helps to evoke that emotion from buyers. Further, we ask what the owner loves about their home which is then detailed on the brochure, something to help convey some genuine feelings about the home to our buyers.

We believe that each property has a story to tell, and that home is not just a place, but a feeling. These feelings are conjured up when humans see other humans interacting, either with another person or just living a lifestyle in a home that resonates with them. A photograph or a video will often be the first impression potential buyers will have of the property, and it can inspire their decision to view it and buy it. We believe that investing in a campaign with high quality photography and video is as important as presenting a home in its best light. In addition to documenting the best features, buyers will be thrilled to see a range of interior and exterior lifestyle images that create an emotional connection with your home. By preparing and presenting the space with a focus on creating a lasting first impression, the photography/video and subsequent marketing material will look cleaner, more appealing and result in a much better outcome.

To find out more about our tailored marketing campaigns and how we could approach an emotive campaign for your property please don’t hesitate to get in touch.