Guest Editor | Amazema Interiors on multifunctional living post lockdown

29 October 2020

Amy Stead is the Founder and Creative Director of Amazema, and this week Amy gives us an insight into trends following a tumultuous year that turned our lives (and living spaces) upside down. Amy discusses all things multi-functional living and how we can best update our homes to offer the most practical solutions as well as some tips on giving your space a refresh on a budget.

“The way things flow, the positioning of each thoughtful furnishing, that perfect tile colour, and of course, that rush of easy familiarity that fills you up when you feel at home.” – Amy Stead, Founder and Creative Director, Amazema.

The world has changed in 2020, we have been forced the transition so many parts of our lives changed and our homes must follow suit. For many of us, the home is now the centre of our world and more than ever we are seeing a strong pull to update or renovate them the best they can be, as a place to work, play, learn, relax and socialise. You might think we are asking too much of the domestic space, for it to be all of these things, but we have seen great innovation and imagination in how our traditional uses of our homes can be repurposed to create a lifestyle we love to live.

Our spaces now need to be multifunctional, for example our living spaces are also play rooms, our dining tables are school desks, and our kitchen benches are offices. The key element that is often missing in making spaces work for multiple functions is storage, so that once you are done with your work or play, you can clear the clutter and create the calm you desire when winding down for the day. The addition of custom joinery is a wonderful investment in your home, upgrading furniture items that have sneaky storage hidden away or simply having some baskets at the ready to sort and hide the activities of the day.

Trends that are here to stay for some time within our homes and gardens are references to travel, with the Mediterranean theme of soft colours, warm neutrals, natural materials, textures and fibres that can take us away while we can’t physically go anywhere. We are still seeing a strong desire to link our homes back to nature, with potted plants and greenery within the home. Adding in some plant life to your home is an instant mood lifter, improves air quality and will bring a tired space to life.

Our styling for sale clients say to us far too often “I wish we had made these  improvements they made long ago so we could have enjoyed them from the start”. So it is our advice is that it is never too late to make those value adds now – paint, re-carpet, landscape the garden, upgrade your light fittings – and enjoy them while you live there and then reap the rewards when the time comes to sell.

If you’re not ready to make a big change yet, but feel like a refresh, our best budget friendly quick fix is to buy yourself some fresh flowers, replace your bed linen and towels and update your cushions on the sofa. These are small changes for a big effect on how you will feel about the whole space.

Amy and her expert team have worked globally, bringing Amazema’s relaxed and functional aesthetic to sets, stages, magazines and homes across the world. If you need any assistance with styling your home for sale, or just styling to live and enjoy, please get in touch with the Amazema team here