Trending colours for your home | Winter 2020

27 May 2020

With a lot of us spending more time at home, many people are noticing things around the home that need fixing or updating – and the crowds at Bunnings are proof of that!  The DIY projects you’ve put off for a while are likely to be getting done, and we are generally taking more time to make our home a sanctuary ready to head into Winter.  One thing you can do to easily update the look of any room in your house is use seasonal colours in fabrics, cushions and paint to transform a space.

We have invited the wonderful team at Amazema Interiors to give us a rundown on what is trending for Winter when it comes to colours and styling around the home. Take a look at the highlights they have put together below and if you need any styling advice for your home, to either style and sell or even just stay and enjoy, please get in touch with Amazema at [email protected] or call 0416 232 211.

Colours to highlight your home in Autumn/Winter 2020

Every year DULUX bring out four different colour palettes to match the colour forecast for the year. This Autumn/Winter most people are looking to freshen up their home with a few key changes and add in the warmth needed this time of year. Here are our two favourite colour schemes for this season.

Our favourite DULUX whites and when to use them

When choosing whether to paint with a cool or warm palette there are a few key elements that will help you make the decision. First, consider what other finishes are in the home. Do you have exposed brick, timber flooring or other natural features? Second, we need to know what kind of light filters in. For example, if your windows face another building and that building is brown brick you might get reflected warm light streaming in. Or perhaps there are trees close by and the light is cool.

Once you have determined warmth or coolness of existing features and filtered light you’re ready to choose a warm or cool palette to match. Remember if you want less saturation there are Half Strength and Quarter Strength options for most whites.

If you need any assistance with this email [email protected] for an onsite colour consultation with one of our team members.

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