Maximise your Street Appeal

10 December 2019

First Impressions Count!

When selling or leasing your property it’s important to make a great first impression with prospective buyers or tenants.  Don’t let them shy away from falling in love with your property, after seeing an untidy or overgrown lawn. Your property should be looking just as presentable on the outside as is on the inside.  Here are our top tips on giving your home the edge when it comes to street appeal:

  1. Tidy up. Pack away hoses, toys, bikes and remove any old plants that may have not had the touch of a green thumb lately. Once that is done, a pressure wash of the exterior always helps a home to sparkle that little bit more. Also, if you have any decking that needs treating now is the time to get oiling, staining or painting.
  2. Front fence or boundary. Adding a front fence or boundary can give the home that sense of security and will also give the home a proper front yard, something that buyers will notice right from the very beginning.
  3. Update the front garden. Trim hedges, foliage and branches, and get weeding to make this front area a more liveable space. If this sounds like it is out your realm of capabilities or interest, there are always companies that can be hired to do this for you.
  4. Create lawn envy. Whether you spend a few weeks rejuvenating your lawn or if you have to re-lay the turf in the area it is likely to pay dividends when it comes to buyers – everyone loves a lush green lawn!
  5. Light up the night. Leave some lights on inside at night-time to create a warm and inviting look from the street.
  6. Don’t forget the details. Update small details like the letterbox and house numbers if they are old and weathered, as these minor repairs can make a major difference!
  7. Enter with style. If you are having your home styled for sale, make sure the front entrance is included to make the entry feel inviting and sets the scene for the rest of the house. It could be as simple as adding greenery or even just re-painting/updating your front door. First impressions are everything and you want to make sure this one lasts!

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