Bianca Henry

Property Manager

Bianca Henry
About Bianca

Bianca was raised and educated on the northern beaches and is passionate about living and working in the area. Being young and energetic she has over 7 years’ experience and is dedicated to further pursuing her career in real estate with the local knowledge she has.

Bringing in a positive attitude to ensure all her clients, tenants and prospects experience a stress free interaction forming the experience into a lifelong relationship/connection.

Being honest, friendly and organised she is always helping out wherever she can and does this with a pleasant and professional approach.

Bianca's Team

Angie Donaghey

Property Management Operations

02 9430 9414 [email protected]

Anna Aksan

Property Manager

02 9430 9410 [email protected]

Brooke Hammond

Property Manager

02 9430 9423 [email protected]

Fariba Qadiry

Property Manager

02 9430 9467 [email protected]

Francine Merillo

Property Manager

02 9430 9430 [email protected]

Jacquie Collins

Property Manager

9430 9470 [email protected]

Pia Young

Leasing Manager

9430 9463 [email protected]

Stefano Castorina

Property Manager

02 9430 9482 [email protected]

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